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submitted by the Portland Maine Spidy Fan Club
Question: "Uh, well, we know you Peanuts are a big band and always have a pretty big entourage like Willie Nelson and you travel all around to your shows on that big band bus you have, but, but, we've never seen inside. What does it look like inside that big band bus you have when you're coming or going from a gig?"
Answer: Thank you, Portland Maine Spidy Fan Club (and countless others who also asked,) for your thought-provoking question. We're happy to show you and all the other inquisitive members of our widely dispersed and demographically hot fan base what a typical band bus ride looks like. (The bus, by the way, is an actual three-bumper Flxible - that's the correct spelling of Flxible - that we had specially outfitted with graphics for our Web site.) The photos above were all taken en route to and returning from a Peanut gig. On the left and in the center photos, if you'll look closely, you'll see many of your favortie Peanuts including Spidy. We are all dressed in civilian clothes since we will spend many hours in the bus before arriving, changing into our professional wear and performing. In the pictures on the right, you'll see physical examples of the heavy toll that life on the road can take on adult rock stars. Remember, our mission is to arrive at and entertain during your next important academic, institutional, family, celebratory, wedding-related, religious, civil, or prison concert event. If you see us on the road, just honk and wave a big "Hi, neighbor," to us and we'll wave right back.
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